My name is Chantel Marsaw, I am a mother of four daugthers.  I am a student attending Alcorn State Univiersity, studying Business Administration.  I would like to take this time to thank one very dedicated instructor Mr. Willie Anderson.  He has always been a very understanding, serious and professional instructor.  The information he provided during my courses has really been a tremendous help and blessing for me and my foundation.  I thank you so much for all that you have done and is doing to help me be prepared and educated in the Business world, God Bless.

  Unfortunately, when I was a high school student I loss so many loved ones back to back.  High school life for me was a nightmare.  I understand exactly what some of these graduates are going through.  I am also a survival of domestic violence and was once homeless. (I believe that I should never be ashame of what I been through, just focus on not going through it again).   I know what it feels like to wish and pray for God to return that loved one just one more time.  I thank God that my oldest daughter (Van'Triece Scott), cared enough to come to me to help her classmates.  I know I could never ever replace their loss, but I will keep trying to let them know that myself along with the community is behind them 100 no 1000%!!!!  Remember---- "It Still Takes a Village to Raise Our Children"


Sincerely yours,

Chantel Marsaw


Chantel L. Marsaw


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My daughters, Van'Triece, Van'Nesia, Myself, Cor'Nelria  and Shan'Torre


All applications will be reviewed first, before a decision will be made on if or not a child/student qualifies for The Village Foundation.  Because, I know there is a need for this program in all communities, I have to make sure that all individuals meet all of the requirements therefore the lost of a mother, father, sister or brother has to be the need.

Sincerely yours,


Chantel L. Marsaw

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